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in cosmetic/aesthetics and functional medicine,

in addition to matters of men’s and women’s

sexual health and wellness.

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Southern Secrets Med Spa

Specialized Med Spa Experiences

At Southern Secrets Med Spa, we provide a relaxed, private environment as a retreat to come have your beauty enhanced and your health optimized. Among other treatments, we specialize in Botox, dermal fillers, laser hair removal, spider vein removal, photo-facials, microdermabrasion, micro-needling and various types of body contouring treatments. We have a variety of treatment options to address skin complexion, wrinkles, sagging skin, scars, sunspots and other signs of ageing. In addition to aesthetics, we offer a natural approach to wellness through functional medicine.

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Our Services

Botox/Dermal fillers
Anti-ageing/beauty enhancing injections
Skin Tightening
Radio frequency and IPL (Intense Pulse Light) skin enhancing treatment
Acne Treatment
IPL (Intense Pulse Light) treatment to kill bacteria and clear the skin on the face and body
Acne Scar Revision
Radio frequency micro-needling to eliminate/minimize acne scars
Wrinkle Reduction
Radio frequency & IPL (Intense Pulse Light) treatments to the face and body to reduce wrinkles
Laser Hair Removal
IPL (Intense Pulse Light) treatment for permanent hair removal
Vaginal Rejuvenation with PRP
A near painless injection into the vagina to decrease urinary incontinence, enhance sexual pleasure, orgasms and decreases vaginal dryness
ED Treatment with PRP
A near painless injection into the penis as a portion of the treatment for erectile disfunction
Sun Spot Treatments
IPL (Intense Pulse Light) treatment & radio frequency treatment to eliminate/reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation on the surface of the skin on the face and body
Hair Growth
Micro needling with growth factors for hair restoration
IV Vitamin Infusion and Hydration
IV infusion of specific vitamins tailored to improve your health
NAD Infusion Treatment
Latest in the anti-aging world/improves focus and mental clarity
Full Line of Alastin Skin Care Products
We carry Alastin Skin Care products which improve your healing time and final procedure outcome, while helping to optimize and maintain results
Tailored Supplements
Supplements based on lab work obtained in the office
Wound Care
Wound-specific, dual-layer amniotic patch designed for maximum healing
Alternative therapies for pain and other chronic conditions
Photo Facials
IPL (Intense Pulse Light) treatment to improve complexion, reduce wrinkles and reduce sun spots
PRP Procedures
PRP-Microneedling Facial – Improves complexion, provides volume, stimulates collagen production
PRP Non-Surgical Face Lift – Injections to improve tone, contour and complexion
Spider Vein Treatments
Radio frequency treatments to eliminate/reduce superficial spider veins on the skins surface

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What We Can Do For You

Cosmetic Enhancements
Some clients want to achieve a more youthful look, others simply want to maintain a fresh appearance. Common services include laser hair removal, photofacials, dermal fillers, skin tightening, age and sun spot treatment, acne treatment, and reducing unwanted spider veins.
Functional Medicine
Scientific research shows that what happens within our bodies is connected in a complicated network of relationships. Understanding those relationships allows us to see deep into the functioning of the body.

Your body acts as a dynamic system that is intelligent and has the capacity for self-regulation. It has the ability to heal and fend off disease when there is balance throughout the system.

Wellness For Women
Have you experienced changes to your intimate wellness over time? Have you been experiencing discomfort or pain? Here at Southern Secrets Med Spa, we recognize this can be a frustrating experience. Consult with one of our professionals to discuss your options.
Wellness For Men
Have you been experiencing difficulty or inability to achieve or maintain an erection? Have you had loss of sexual satisfaction over time? Millions of men suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED), but the good news is that there are treatment options available we can discuss with you in a private and confidential setting.
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What They Say

“This place is amazing!! Today was my second treatment for hair removal and did the first session 6wks ago and results are amazing!! I just to get allergic reaction to any hair shaving cream and after the first session went away!! I totally recommend this place 100%. Andrew is amazing!! Also his staff are super friendly and they make you feel like home !”

Angelica S.

“After many years battling with self image, I found this diamond in the rough this week. You wont believe ALL they offer, and in a perfectly serene and private setting. Thanks to Andrew, I have begun to feel like my old self again!! If you are looking for something different and unique, check them out. You wont be disappointed!!!”

Kimberly N.

“ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! They are VERY CLEAN, KNOWLEDGEABLE and Informative on all products and services that they offer. I definitely felt the southern hospitality from the moment I walked in the door. I will definitely be returning.”

Tiffany C.

“Andrew is Awesome!!! Saw tremendous results after only 1 Laser Treatment!!! The variety of services offered is great, the facility is beautiful and staff is very friendly. I highly recommend.”

Lisa B.

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