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Body Contouring

If you have stubborn fat and sagging skin that doesn’t respond to diet and exercise, you don’t have to accept your physique. Body contouring can give you a slender, more toned frame. Offered by Andrew Martin, MSN, APRN, FNP-C, at Southern Secrets Med Spa and Clinic in Conroe, Texas, body contouring radiofrequency energy and injections smooth cellulite and dissolve superficial body fat. Call today to schedule your consultation.

Body Contouring Q & A

What is radiofrequency body contouring?

Radiofrequency body contouring uses radiofrequency energy to reduce cellulite and smooth skin. The procedure is noninvasive, so you don’t have to endure incisions, scarring, or blood loss.

The Southern Secrets Med Spa and Clinic team use a wand to apply the radiofrequency energy to the outer layers of your skin.

This energy stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, two essential skin-strengthening proteins. As you age, the production of these proteins drops. Increasing their presence with the radiofrequency restores youthful skin strength and resilience.

The radiofrequency energy also reduces fat and tones muscles. You get greater blood circulation and cellular renewal in areas of cellulite, pockets of fat, and sagging skin.

What are body contouring injections?

The Southern Secrets Med Spa and Clinic team offer FDA-approved QWO® injections from Endo International PLC. The injections target the structural causes of cellulite under the skin to give you a smoother, more contoured physique.

The injections release the fibrous bands that pucker the skin, causing the orange peel look of cellulite. They also stimulate collagen production to give your skin a smoother look.

Is body contouring right for me?

If fat deposits in some areas of your body don’t respond to diet and exercise, body contouring can help.

Body contouring isn’t for weight loss. However, if you’re at a healthy weight but are bothered by areas of lax skin and cellulite and pockets of fat, you can benefit from body contouring.

Body contouring refines your body to give you the defined lines and contours you want. You should continue to commit to a healthy diet and regular exercise to maintain your results long-term.

What areas benefit from body contouring?

Everyone stores excess fat differently. But common areas that respond well to radiofrequency body contouring and QWO injections include: 

  • Abdomen
  • Upper arms
  • Buttocks
  • Legs and thighs
  • Knees
  • Bra area

The body contouring techniques used at Southern Secrets Med Spa and Clinic don’t require a long recovery. You can go back to most normal activities right after your appointment.

About 90% of women have cellulite, regardless of their size. If you’re bothered by cellulite, the team at Southern Secrets Med Spa and Clinic in Conroe, Texas, is ready to help with QWO® injections and Venus Legacy™ treatments. You’ll get smoother, tighter skin without surgery. Call today or use this website to set up your appointment online and find out how Southern Secrets Med Spa and Clinic can help you achieve desirable skin.

What is cellulite?

Cellulite doesn’t just show up when you’re overweight. Anyone can develop cellulite, especially women. It doesn’t matter if you exercise regularly, eat right, or even lose weight, cellulite can still appear. 

This orange peel-like skin develops when the fat beneath the skin pushes up against your connective tissue. Women’s connective tissue is arranged in such a way that cellulite is almost a guarantee.

Other factors that contribute to cellulite include:

  • Aging, which causes skin thinning and laxity, so cellulite is more obvious
  • Genetics, which predisposes you to develop cellulite
  • A diet high in processed foods, which can cause inflammation
  • Poor lymphatic drainage, which causes swelling

Stress and lack of exercise can also contribute to cellulite development. The good news is, treatments at Southern Secrets Med Spa and Clinic can help target these structural causes of cellulite to help you achieve smooth skin. 

Where does cellulite appear?

Cellulite is that bumpy, dimpled appearance that develops on areas like the:

  • Thighs
  • Buttocks
  • Breasts
  • Lower abdomen
  • Upper arms

Women’s connective tissue is arranged differently than men’s, so they are more likely to develop visible cellulite. Plus, women tend to store fat in cellulite-prone areas, like the buttocks and thighs. 

How is cellulite treated?

Many creams claim to reduce the appearance of cellulite, but their effectiveness is unproven and often disappointing. Eating a healthy diet and regularly exercising can also help reduce the look of some cellulite, but the effects are usually mild and unsatisfying. That doesn’t mean you should give these habits up — they have numerous health benefits — but they are not enough to smooth out cellulite.  

At Southern Secrets Med Spa and Clinic, the team offers extremely effective cellulite treatments, including:

QWO® injections

QWO is a prescription medicine used to treat moderate to severe cellulite in women. It’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved and usually applied to the buttock area. 

It contains specific enzymes known as collagenases, that are believed to target the structural cause of cellulite beneath the outer surface of your skin. It helps to release fibrous bands, redistribute fat cells, and stimulate new collagen growth.

Venus LegacyTM

Venus Legacy is FDA approved to help temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite. The device uses a combination of radiofrequency and PMEF (pulsed electromagnetic fields) to help remodel cells and build collagen, giving you tighter, smoother skin. The device’s applicator can be used to address large and small areas, giving you the contours you desire.

Call Southern Secrets Med Spa and Clinic or use this website to set up your appointment online for body contouring today.

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