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What the Rife machine is….The machine is also called a Rife frequency generator. Rife and his supporters say that each disease or condition has its own electromagnetic frequency. They also say that finding that frequency and producing an impulse of the same frequency will kill or disable diseased cells.

TrueRife Q & A

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration  – Nikola Tesla

The effects of TrueRife treatments (Pain Relief) are immediate, relaxing, and cumulative over time. Over 2000 programs are available to support overall health and everyday issues such as aches, pains, mood, memory, attention span, itching, and athleticism. 

TrueRife Athletes use the same equipment to enhance athletic performance, speed recovery, and help prevent injuries. 

TrueRife has been on the leading edge of frequency-generating devices for almost 20 years.

The complete TrueRife equipment package includes a programmable frequency generator, plasma bulbs to deliver PEMF, a frequency-specific microcurrent foot bath, a grounding system, and a computer with preloaded software. 

Disclaimer: In accordance with FDA and various state laws, TrueRife makes no health or medical claims. TrueRife is a research company and must be considered theoretical and for experimental research only. TrueRife makes no claims to diagnose, mitigate, treat, cure, prevent disease, or make any organ or part of the human body function properly. TrueRife products are not a substitute for medical treatment from a licensed physician. If you are experiencing any health problems, please consult a licensed healthcare professional. 

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